Kimberly van Peppen || Applied Narrative Designer

Unannounced project
Software and tools I used:
- Google Docs
- Microsoft Office Word 2013
- Trelby
- Unreal Engine 4
-> Blueprint
- Audacity
- Fraps
- Sony Vegas Pro 13.0
- Adobe Photoshop CS2 & CS6

This project is a narrative experience, developed both during a team project course given at NHTV in which we create a game in 14 work days, and seperately as an Indie project. The player is a maintenance robot activated to find out what happened on a space ship. While roaming around and watching the dreams of the still living crew members, it finds out that the spaceship is slowly crashing into a sun. With only two active escape pods, the player has to decide who gets to live and who will inevitably crash into the sun and die.
The surviving crew members in stasis.
I had a lot of different roles on this project, due to my active role in several stages of the project. Initially, for the prototype, I worked as a narrative designer. My tasks included things like creating character bibles, writing dialogue scripts for dream sequences, and directing voice actors. At the end of the prototype stage, I supported the project by creating a trailer and timing the voice-overs to the animations. This was the first time for me to work as a narrative designer in a project setting along with programmers and artists.
The spaceship is slowly flying into the sun.
For the next phase of the project I started as a design lead. This wasn't my preferred role, but it was necessary for the team and the project, so I stepped forward to fulfill the task regardless. My tasks revolved mainly around meeting with the designers, making sure everyone was working appropriately and meeting with the other leads in order to keep up to date on the project. Unfortunately things didn't really go well for half a year, after which I decided that the task wasn't suited for me and I took on the role of level designer. I enjoyed my new role greatly. I continued guiding other designers while also working hard to get all the environmental storytelling into the project.

Due to the unannounced state of this project, I am not able to show a lot of work. I can explain my tasks in further detail if required, but no details may be shared.