Kimberly van Peppen || Applied Narrative Designer

Global Game Jam 2015 - Practice Time!.
Software and tools I used:
- Notepad
- Unity3D
-> Provided scripts
- Audacity

I joined the Global Game Jam 2015 at NHTV. During this event we created a game in 48 hours. I was in a team along with two programmers and two artists. Seeing as I was the only designer I was focused on the design elements of the game, however, the other team members provided interesting ideas and concepts which helped me grow. The majority of my work consisted of creating the levels, working closely together with the programmers.

During gameplay the game mode changes, indicated by the air horn. The players then have to find out themselves which game mode they are currently playing. The player who scores 25 points the first wins the game. This concept was created following the theme 'What do we do now?'
Practice Time! is a 4-player party game and can be downloaded on the Global Game Jam website.

Global Game Jam - Love Birds.

Software and tools I used:
- Unity3D
- Photoshop CS6
- Audacity

I joined the Global Game Jam 2016 at NHTV. During this event we created a game in 48 hours. I was in a team along with a programmer, technical designer/producer, and a technical artist. As another designer I focused on sound design and helped with 2D art.

Love Birds is a tropical bird mating simulator where the player is a male bird trying to impress a female bird. They have 4 different actions they can perform in order to impress, however there is one action that will put off the female bird and one that will make her more interested than the others. She can also get bored if you keep doing the same thing. The player has to pay close attention to the reactions of the female bird.
Love Birds can be downloaded on the Global Game Jam website.


Software and tools I used:
- Pen and paper
- Maya 2015
- Unreal Engine 4; for placing level design quickly

I joined the first GRAIL Jam in 2016 in the Sint Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen. Here we had 38 hours to provide a prototype and mostly concept for the GRAIL. The GRAIL is a treadmill used by physiotherapists for training and improving walking habits, this could be due to the patient having had an injury to their legs or deeper issues that cause problems with walking.

It was very interesting to work with specialised hardware for this jam. The specialised software was very different from what we were used to and this made it very difficult for us to finish our prototype. We made a museum through which the patient can walk, utilising all aspects of the GRAIL with a handy interface for the physiotherapists so they can tweak all indivudual hazards.

Samsung VR Jam - Zenith.

Software and tools I used:
- Unity3D

I joined the first Samsung VR Jam in 2016 at NHTV. The team consisted of 4 programmers, 2 artists and I as the only designer. I focused all my attention to level design. I had to relearn a lot of things because of the type of level we made; the level was on the inside of a cylinder.

Zenith is a top-down stealth game in which the player plays a young animal trying to escape from the dangerous adults. The player would look around and the player character could be moved by tapping the Samsung VR. We also added a first person mode where movement was locked, but players could look around the level and plan ahead (by looking up they could see what would come next). They could also throw a rock in this mode by tapping the Samsung VR in order to lure the guards to other spots.